About Your Transformation Therapist

My Why
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My choice in choosing therapy was more about it choosing me. As a lifelong "people helper," I naturally draw to ways of serving others. 

Therapy was a bit different though because it wasn't only about me but about the betterment of my family unit. I saw the holes in my family and wanted to expose the weights that were holding us back. As I applied my learnings to my family, I thought about you and your family too. I started strategizing how I what I learned could be applied to your family. See, we think of ourselves as individuals but we are only one small part to a larger system. 

Healing at an individual level brings about change in familial dynamics and even in professional settings. The world simply looks different and you have different experiences when you are healed.. and I wanted to be able to provide that to others. I wanted to generate a space for healing through some of the tougher life experiences and transitions. Now, this space exists.

Therapeutic Approach
Education & Specialities
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My therapeutic approach is one of collaboration and patience that approaches mental health from a functional perspective. Therapy clients require different approaches based on desired therapeutic outcomes and readiness through the integration of evidence-based modalities. I create a space for healing for my clients through a relaxed environment that welcomes you at your pace. 

MA Forensic Psychology    University of Houston- Victoria


Trauma (PTSD,  Sexual Abuse, etc)

Chemical Dependency

Sexual Deviance




Personality Disorders